Iwan Bule : Saya Berkomitmen Menyuarakan Kepentingan Rakyat

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Iwan Bule : Saya Berkomitmen Menyuarakan Kepentingan Rakyat

JAKARTA – IWAN Bule, a figure who is not familiar with solving difficult cases, has left his mark in the history of law enforcement in Indonesia. As a retired police general who is now choosing to work in the political world, Iwan Bule is committed to bringing his successful experience in handling sensitive cases into the arena of serving the country.

Iwan Bule’s greatest achievement can be seen in handling two major cases: the murder of Nasrudin Zulkarnaen and the capture of Gayus Tambunan. In the case of Nasrudin Zulkarnaen, Iwan Bule faced a tough test because his own friend, Kombes Wiliardi, was involved in the murder. Despite facing deep inner conflict, Iwan Bule showed his commitment to law and justice.

In the context of investigation and uncovering the truth, Iwan Bule showed admirable steadfastness. Close friendship can be a gap that may undermine his role as a law enforcer. However, Iwan Bule firmly stated, “When I’m faced with a choice between friends or the country, I have to side with the country, even if there’s inner turmoil. We, as law enforcers, must remain committed to upholding justice, even if it involves close people.”

Another achievement that reinforces Iwan Bule’s reputation is the capture of Gayus Tambunan in Singapore. Without an extradition agreement between Indonesia and Singapore, Iwan Bule succeeded in bringing Gayus back to face the law in Indonesia. This success illustrates Iwan Bule’s strong determination to eradicate corruption and the abuse of authority to uphold justice.

Indonesia was shocked by the incident, and the public admired Iwan Bule’s efforts to show his determination to eradicate corruption.

Regarding the Gayus Tambunan case, Iwan Bule stated, “How many people have been disadvantaged because of the actions of corruptors. Corruptors walk freely abroad, while people here even have difficulty meeting their daily needs. The money that should help the people is instead corrupted by these rats in suits. We must strive to catch them!”

In an interview session about his decision to run as a legislative candidate, Iwan Bule emphatically emphasized the urgency of having representatives who truly understand and care about the needs of the people. “It’s important to have representatives who not only listen but also absorb the aspirations and interests of the people,” he said confidently.

Iwan Bule reaffirmed his commitment to continue working hard in his political journey. “I bring my experience and dedication from the law enforcement world into the political stage. This is a continuation of my dedication to the people and the country,” he said, showing his hope to create real positive change for all layers of society and the country.

When asked about his vision and mission in the political world, Iwan Bule affirmed that his focus is to give voice to the people and ensure justice in policymaking. “I am committed to being the voice of the people, representing their interests with integrity and courage,” he added with enthusiasm. Source: https://prabowosubianto.com/iwan-bule-saya-berkomitmen-menyuarakan-kepentingan-rakyat/

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