Prabowo Subianto : Makan Bergizi Gratis Tidak Satu Pola Saja, akan Sesuai Tipologi Daerah

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Prabowo Subianto : Makan Bergizi Gratis Tidak Satu Pola Saja, akan Sesuai Tipologi Daerah

Jakarta – Prabowo Subianto, president-elect for the 2024-2029 period, wants to execute the program of providing free nutritious meals for school children efficiently without any leakage.

How this will be realized was thoroughly discussed in an exclusive interview of Prabowo by tvOne titled “Prabowo Subianto Speaks for Indonesia” aired on Wednesday night (22/5).

Prabowo stated that the budget for the nutritious food program for students in schools has been calculated and he is optimistic about realizing it.

“We have calculated that we are capable, the issue of organization, we haven’t necessarily thought about it, whether it needs a special ministry or just a body, I think it’s not about the organization but the key is the scheme, the system, until it is realized properly to the children,” explained Prabowo.

Prabowo said that he strives to ensure that there will be no leakage in the implementation of the program in his future government.

“The problem is, I’ve been talking about this for a long time, there is a phenomenon as a nation’s child that it is aware that there are many leaks in our nation. Now, how do we create a scheme efficiently and properly, with no leakage until our children receive it,” said Prabowo.

Regarding the distribution of free milk to children throughout Indonesia, it will also be carried out according to the typology of each region.

Prabowo gave an example in one area in Southwest Maluku, namely Moa Island, where the area often produces buffalo milk. Therefore, it is not difficult to get milk production that can be reached by children in the Moa region.

“And the issue of milk. We will see, it depends on the region as an example Southwest Maluku, Moa Island, they have many buffalo milk, there are buffaloes there, enough buffalo milk, there are also areas with many goats, can get goat milk and we have to see this,” explained Prabowo.

Meanwhile, in other regions where it is difficult to obtain a source of milk, the focus can be on distributing nutritious food ingredients such as fish and eggs evenly.

“If we look at the protein in milk, it turns out that the protein and minerals and substances in eggs are better than milk, experts have told me and eggs are actually cheaper than milk in a certain area, so we focus on eggs, fish, and so on,” continued Prabowo.

Therefore, Prabowo emphasized that the distribution of nutritious food and free milk to children in Indonesia will be flexible according to the typology of each region.

“So, we have to adjust our plans to the different typologies and conditions of each region. We shouldn’t standardize one pattern in Indonesia, there are mountainous areas, coastal areas, islands. So, we must always be flexible, the important thing is that our children receive nutritious food. I think that is our goal,” concluded Prabowo.

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