Ribuan Advokat Indonesia Sambut Prabowo di Balai Kartini, Dukung Menang Satu Putaran

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Ribuan Advokat Indonesia Sambut Prabowo di Balai Kartini, Dukung Menang Satu Putaran

Jakarta – Thousands of lawyers from the Indonesian Advocates Alliance gathered to declare their support for candidate number 2, Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming Raka. The declaration event was held at Balai Kartini and was attended by Prabowo Subianto on Friday (26/1/2024).

Prabowo, who arrived at around 4:25 pm, was welcomed by thousands of lawyers with cheers and victory chants.

“Prabowo, Prabowo, president, one round,” they shouted. Prabowo responded with a smile to the cheers.

According to the Chairman of the Indonesian Advocates Alliance, Otto Hasibuan, the gathered lawyers came from various educational backgrounds, including professors, doctors, masters, and bachelor’s degree holders.

“Mr. Prabowo, gathering these lawyers is not easy, usually they ask how much they’ll be paid for an hour. But here they come to offer themselves. My friends love this country and Mr. Prabowo so much,” said Otto.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the Indonesian Advocates Alliance, Dwiyanto Prihartono, said that the lawyers came from 23 provinces, dozens of cities, and regencies.

“Totaling around 40,000 people and not all of them could gather here. We have a network in 190 cities offering their support,” Dwiyanto said.

“It started with small discussions and the formation of an alliance to declare support for Prabowo. We feel that it’s time for the profession to think about the country, not to be involved in politics but to help advance and contribute ideas for the country,” added Dwiyanto. (SENOPATI)

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